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Self-Employed and Injured: Four Steps to Calculate Your Lost Income

Whether you were injured in a car accident, a slip and fall, or any other incident where another person’s negligence caused you to get hurt, the goal of a personal injury case is to hold the faulty parties responsible and get compensated for the expenses connected to your injuries. One of the major losses you’ve faced is likely lost income or lost wages. This refers to the money that you would have earned if you had Read More

Pedestrians vs. Cars: Who Has Right of Way

Any accident involving an automobile has the potential to be extremely dangerous, but when the accident involves a vehicle and a pedestrian, it is often devastating. Even at low speeds, a car hitting a person can cause very serious injuries, and even death. There are many laws designed to help minimize the risk of this type of accident, and having a good understanding of these laws is essential for both drivers and Read More

Personal Injury Law: Assumption of Risk

Picture this -- you own a property that includes a decrepit old house. It sits empty and uninhabitable, with rotting floors. It’s full of hazards, but whether it’s because you want to restore it one day or you can’t afford demolition, it has been sitting on your land for many years. Then one Halloween, someone decides it would be fun and exciting to explore the old “haunted house.” They fall through a second story Read More

Understanding How Good Samaritan Laws Can Affect a Personal Injury Case

When you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it’s natural to want to recover compensation. That is the purpose of most personal injury lawsuits. However, there are some people who may have been involved in your situation and even may have caused you additional injuries, who are protected from civil liability.  Good Samaritan law was created in order to allow bystanders to attempt to help Read More

The Complete Car Accident Checklist

Car accidents are incredibly scary, and after such a shock, it can be difficult to think clearly. Would you know the proper measures to take in the immediate aftermath of a car accident?  It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the steps to take after an accident so that if this scary situation ever befalls you, you won’t have to stress about not knowing what to do.  If you are injured and need immediate Read More

5 Common Causes of Louisiana Motorcycle Accidents

Part of what makes riding a motorcycle so invigorating is the openness -- you are not enclosed in a structure and can feel the wind on your skin as the scenery of the road rushes past you. Unfortunately, this openness is also what makes motorcycling so dangerous. Since you are not enclosed when you ride a motorcycle as you are in a car, it is much more likely that you could be injured or killed in an Read More

Nine Factors That Determine Your Injury Settlement

If you have been hurt in an accident and believe it was caused because of something someone else did, you could make a personal injury claim in the hope of getting compensation. However, every case is entirely unique, and there are many factors that the courts take into account when determining how much, if anything, any individual or group of individuals should be awarded in damages. Truthfully, it is impossible to Read More

Understanding Negligence

Put simply - negligence occurs when a person who has a responsibility to take proper care, fails to do so, and puts others at risk because of it. In Louisiana, if you are hurt because of someone else’s carelessness, you may wish to speak to a personal injury lawyer to ascertain whether you have a case for compensation. Examples of Negligence Texting while driving Failing to clean up a spillage  Leaving Read More

Spot the Red Flags: 7 Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Putting a loved one into a nursing home can be an upsetting and stressful experience, and you’ll no doubt want to ensure that the one you choose will provide the best care for them. Most nursing homes pride themselves on providing excellent services and are trustworthy and reputable establishments. Unfortunately, there are instances where people take advantage of their position and neglect or abuse those in their Read More

5 Common Causes of Louisiana Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in Louisiana, and indeed the country as a whole. In 2017 there were 152,637 crashes involving large trucks causing 4,539 fatalities and 74,947 injuries in the United States. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) and focuses their efforts on how to make the vehicles and their drivers safer on the Read More