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Who Is Really At Fault In A Car Accident?

To determine who is “at fault” when you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need to determine who behaved negligently. For many people who have been injured the actual accident itself becomes a blur. That’s why it’s important to consult other resources to determine who was at fault. 

Police Reports

The first place to look to determine who was at fault is in the police report. Typically, if an accident is severe enough that someone is injured, the police will have been called to the scene. As with any incident, the police will file a report which becomes a public record. If you have the contact info for the officer who was at the scene, he or she can let you know how to get a copy of the report. Otherwise, you can usually get it by asking at your local police office.

If the officer on the scene felt that one driver was at fault, this will be mentioned in the police report. You need to be able to directly demonstrate that the other’s negligence caused the accident, so if the report does not state that directly, you will need more evidence.

Traffic Laws

Next, you’ll need to consult the Louisiana traffic code. A simplified version called “Rules of the Road” is available at most locations of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Search for listings that may apply to your accident and try to determine the specific law that the other driver would have broken to cause your injury.

Who can help?

Does this all sound too overwhelming? Would you prefer to focus on healing rather than dealing with the stress of trying to figure out who was at fault and whether or not the person who caused your injury can be held responsible? 

That’s where your personal injury attorney comes in. At The Bagneris Firm, we understand that you’re busy enough healing without having to worry about the details of your case. We take care of the stressful things for our clients so that they can save their energy for facing their difficult medical challenges. If you think someone else’s negligence caused your injury but you’re not really sure, we can help you find clarity and possible compensation. Contact The Bagneris Firm today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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