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Understanding Attorney Fees

When people think of going to an attorney, one of the most common worries is how much it will cost. This is not only because lawyers can be expensive, but also because the ways clients are charged can be confusing. If you have experienced a personal injury and need to talk to an attorney, understanding the different fee options is very important.

Hourly with Retainer

Most attorney’s fees are based on an hourly rate. When a client requires their service, the attorney will let them know the hourly rate and what type of retainer is required. A retainer is an amount of money that will be held in a trust account by the attorney to be used on your case. It is typically determined by the estimated amount that a particular case will cost. If the case requires fewer hours than expected, the attorney will refund the client the remainder of the money. If the case is more expensive than predicted, the client will have to add additional funds to their retainer to finish the case.


With many types of legal cases, including personal injury cases, attorneys will often take the case on a contingency basis. This is where the attorney will handle the full case without charging the client unless they win. When the case is either settled or won in court, the attorney will then take a set percentage of the total amount won. When using the contingency option, clients don’t need to have the money for the case up front, which is often very important. If the attorney is not able to secure a settlement or win the case, the client is not responsible for the attorney fees.

Additional Fees

Whether you choose the hourly or the contingency option, you will also be responsible for certain additional fees associated with the case. These fees will include things like filing fees, sheriff’s fees, deposition costs, charges related to copying, and other similar items. The exact costs will vary based on your attorney and the courts who set the fees. The total of these types of fees is typically going to be quite small compared to the other expenses, but it is important to be aware of them.

Experienced & Affordable Attorneys

If you have a personal injury case that you need experienced representation on, we are here for you. We offer easy to understand and fair pricing for all our clients. We’ll also be happy to provide you with specific breakdowns of all expenses associated with your case, and help you find the best option based on your specific situation. Contact us to discuss your case, and payment arrangements, today.


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