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Laguna Run

Bagneris Law Firm filed a lawsuit against the current and former owners and property management companies of the following apartment complexes in New Orleans, Louisiana: Hidden Lakes/Laguna Run; Lakewind East/Laguna Reserve; Copper Creek/Laguna Creek; Chenault Creek/Carmel Brooks; and Wind Run/Carmel Springs, on behalf of all current and former tenants of the apartment complexes who alleged damages from water intrusion and/or exposure to mold. The lawsuit alleged that the apartments were maintained in deplorable conditions and were not fit for human beings to live within. The lawsuit asked the Court to certify the case to proceed as a class action. On October 14, 2021, Federal Court Judge Barry W. Ashe denied the request for class certification. This means that every individual with a claim against the current and former owners and property management companies at the subject apartment complexes must file an individual lawsuit for damages. If they do not file an individual lawsuit, then they will not have a claim. For more information, please contact Bagneris Law Firm at

UPDATE: January 2022

Judge Ashe denied Class Certification. Bagneris Law Firm filed a Second Amended Consolidated Complaint individually identifying more than 200 residents who are bringing claims against the Defendants. Judge Ashe ordered the Plaintiffs to identify all potential claimants by no later than Mardi Gras Day – March 1, 2022. If you know of someone who has not already contacted Bagneris Law Firm to bring his/her claims, please direct them to call Darria Thomas immediately at Bagneris Law Firm.

On January 21, 2022, the parties will hold a Status Conference with Judge Ashe to confect a Case Management Order to govern these proceedings to a Flight I trial at the beginning of 2023.


UPDATE: November 2022

Defendants are deposing the named plaintiffs and The Bagneris Firm is conducting the deposition of the corporate defendants. The experts are preparing reports.