Welcome to The Bagneris Firm.  We are a full service litigation firm located in the heart of the City of New Orleans, but enjoying an impressive national reputation for taking on big corporations, major insurance companies, and government entities for our clients.  We do not accept every case offered to our firm because we focus on cases that we are passionate about. We provide well deserved justice so that every voice can be hard in court rooms across America. Our lead attorney, Suzette Bagneris, has over twenty years of successful litigation experience. Other attorneys often call upon her to handle tough cases for their clients and judges frequently appoint her to represent thousands of individuals in class action litigation. Why? Because when you are in a serious fight against companies with tremendous resources... Experience Matters!  

We offer our clients personalized service. Suzette answers all of her calls personally. You don't go through a secretary to speak to your lawyer. Our goal is to be responsive and pro-active to successfully litigate or settle your claim. Whether you are a part of a class action  or fighting alone, we will be with you in the litigation trenches fighting every step along the way. 

We offer aggressive and competent legal services.  Suzette will not get intimidated or back down under pressure.  She will rise to the occasion to be your voice. Suzette has handled trial that have lasted months and cases that have lasted decades. She does not give up on her clients, no matter how difficult the challenges may be in the case. 

We have the finances necessary to invest in every case. We have a network of lawyers around the country, so we can take the fight anywhere. Suzette is a native New Orleanian from a family that has been in New Orleans since the 1700's. She is proud to call New Orleans home, and she will always operate a home office in New Orleans. Suzette's approach is to treat every client like a member of her extended family. She truly cares! 

When a man-made or natural disaster hits a community, Suzette will be there offering assistance through the insurance process and sometimes the governmental red tape. Very few attorneys possess Suzette's level of experience in handling mass wrongful terminations, environmental exposures, train derailments, and other types of complex litigation. 

The Bagneris Firm handles all types of civil and criminal cases with our focus upon justice. Our record and experience covers every aspect of personal injury cases from medical malpractice, maritime, automobile, motor cycle, 18-wheeler, nursing home neglect and environmental disasters.

Suzette's ability to talk to a jury conversationally as if they were friends sitting in her living room is remarkable. Quite possibly, that's they key to her jury trial success. When experience matters, you need Suzette Bagneris to fight for you. Suzette has secured hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts to date. 

There is a reason why Kingfish Magazine described Suzette Bagneris as one of the best female litigators in the State of Louisiana. There is a reason why Gambit Weekly Magazine honored Suzette Bagneris as an outstanding attorney for the community in its "40 under 40" issue. There is a reason why the Times Picayune endorsed her the best candidate for judicial office for Orleans Parish is 2007. It's clear: Suzette Bagneris offers professional, trustworthy, and tough legal representation to each and every one of her clients. Experience should matter to you when winning matters to you.

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